Hourly Rental FAQs

When does the time start on my rental?

At Limitless Limo and Party Bus, the rental time starts when we arrive at your first pickup location, as long as it is located within 30 minutes from our base in Dublin.

Can I spread my rental (hourly service) during different times of day?

No, All rentals MUST run concurrently.

Can I get a refund for unused time for my rental?

No, Once you book a rental for a specific number of hours, we place a hold on that particular vehicle for the duration of the time booked.

When does our time begin?

Your time begins when the driver arrives at the first location. However, if the pick-up is more than 30 minutes away from our facility in Columbus, the time begins when our driver leaves our facility. Your rental period ends when the last passenger leaves the vehicle.

What are your rental hourly service requirements/policy?

All charters have a 3-5 hour mandatory minimum rental. The duration of minimum rental will depend on the type of vehicle booked and the season. We have a minimum of 6 hour required for all limos and buses during the prom season and during special events.

How much do you charge if I go over my hourly rental?

You will be billed at the agreed upon hourly rate of the vehicle booked. We bill in one hour increments, So if you go over by 16 minutes on your charter, you will be billed for the whole hour whether or not you use the whole hour of additional service.

Can I make multiple stops during my hourly rental?

The vehicle belongs to you for the duration of time booked. You may make as many stops as you like at no additional charge. Additional charges will apply if you take the vehicle out of town.

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